In-fighting between Tommy Tuberville, school administrators and boosters will finally yield bitter fruit—the day of reckoning is at hand.

Tuberville’s attempt to escape Auburn failed because school officials held Tuberville to his buyout. However, the school administrators/boosters really didn’t want Tuberville (see Jetgate), but decided to stick it to him.

Auburn’s crowd cut off their nose to spite their face. Now they are stuck with a coach who didn’t really want to be there.

How do we now that? He was hunting instead of recruiting. He was shopping in NYC instead of recruiting, and he lost out on just about every player to his chief rivals (Alabama, Georgia and Florida)

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It could be bad luck. But to make that assumption would be to ignore the animosity shown during Tuberville’s flirtation with every major job opening south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Deep down, Auburn fans know the stalemate in the power struggle on the Plains will condemn the program to further failures. Certainly, Tuberville won’t give up, but the snowball rolling down the hill is going to be hard to stop.

Tuberville will have difficulty recruiting in Alabama. Richt owns Georgia, and Meyer at UF and Jimbo Fischer at FSU are going to make Florida more difficult. So, where will Tuberville get his recruits? Without question, it is going to be harder for the Tigers. And the instability in the Auburn program makes it twice as difficult.

Auburn will continue to win games, but it is only making it more difficult for itself.

Auburn is a train wreck. And it can thank its coach, its administrators, and its boosters.