The lazy recruiter’s rule

The SEC and NCAA passed new legislation preventing coaches from visiting high schools during the spring evaluation period. You can read more about the rule in Ray Melick’s Tuesday morning column.

The key line from Melick’s column explains the purpose of the rule:

But this rule change smacks of coaches who don’t work as hard as Saban and Florida’s Urban Meyer – another coach often accused of illegal spring contact – deciding that, rather than be held accountable for their actions, it is easier simply to make a rule against it.

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This should be called the Tommy Tuberville I’m lazy, you should be too rule. This gives Tuberville more time to hunt in Arkansas and shop in NYC. It gives Les Miles more time to yell F-Alabama at rallies throughout LSU country. It gives Phil Fulmer more time to stuff his face at the buffet.

While these coaches are busy pursing interests other than football, you can bet Saban, Meyer and Marc Richt are busy working on football. The rule shouldn’t harm recruiting, but it could make talent evaluation a little harder.

But if it lets Tommy and Phil and Les feel better, then I guess the rule is worth it.


For more newsworthy information on Saban and the rule change read Ian Rapoport’s the Rap Sheet blog on There are some very interesting quotes from Saban on the rule change, and how it will change his spring routine.