COLLAPSE:AU’s class gets worse by the hour

Auburn’s already mediocre recruiting class continues to get worse. PRAVDA (aka reported the Tigers have ceased recruiting a four-star wide receiver, Jarmon Fortson, who had earlier committed to Auburn. This follows on Auburn’s decision to stop recruiting Antoine McClain.

Tommy Tuberville had more hunting and shopping to do and didn’t want recruiting to interfere, according to sources familiar with the Auburn recruiting situation.

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In all seriousness, Auburn media outlets are beginning to grapple with the new reality—they aren’t dealing with buffoons in Tuscaloosa anymore.

Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville explained the reason for this year’s recruiting disaster in a comment for Philip Marshall’s blog.

“I’m proud of the coaches and their work ethic. We’ve been recruiting these kids for three years now. We’ve had great response from the players and great response from our players when these kids have been on campus. We’ve been very selective. We don’t consider just athletic ability. We also look at character and work ethic. That is going to eliminate some players out there in the pool. We look like we are finishing strong.

Translation: All the good athletes didn’t want to come to Auburn, so we decided to recruit the leftovers.

The Auburn propaganda machine is out in full force like this great line from Tommy Tuberville says he’s pleased with the results and by all indications he should be. He has met the needs of the team.

Auburn fans are back to accepting mediocrity, and Tuberville’s friends in the press are praising Mike Shula like recruiting.

You must take recruiting rankings with a gigantic grain of salt. However, dismissing them altogether is a naive maneuver. But these are the same fans who think hunting trips to Arkansas and shopping trips to NYC are acceptable during recruiting season.