No monument for Namath

Beaver Falls, Pa. doesn’t have a monument to its most famous resident—Joe Namath. According to news reports from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and picked up by UPI (see below) other superstars from the region were honored including: George Blanda, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, Willie Thrower, Chuck Fusina, Terry Hanratty and Marc Bulger.

But nothing for Namath.

I don’t know what’s happened all these years,” said Beaver Falls Mayor Karl Boak. For various reasons, he said, efforts to honor the quarterback never moved beyond planning phases. “So we didn’t really have anything.”

According to the report, the town’s mayor is planning a hall of fame, and a sign on the turnpike.

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The lack of recognition for Namath is interesting because of his impact on professional football. His Super Bowl victory was an important step to bringing credibility to the AFC. Here’s the UPI report: