Saban’s 1-31-08 press conference video

Nick Saban explained his hiring of an offensive coordinator was part of a…(get this!)…process!

He said he always talks to four or five coaches to fill slots on his staff, and does massive amounts of research. Knowing that Saban is as methodical as he is, that makes sense.

Saban talked about Applewhite’s departure. He said it was good for someone to return to a place where they have special feelings for the program.

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Saban briefly covered the Ezekiel Knight’s medical situation. But was guarded due to privacy issues.

Saban announced he didn’t read the paper. Why don’t I believe that? 🙂

He also addressed the potential of Kevin Steele becoming the head coach at USA.

Typical Saban press conference, but he seemed a bit more confrontational this time than most of his other press conferences over the last year.

Philosophically the offense is the Alabama offense. The offense was developed from “all the experience we had in the room, including my own.” He said others on staff should embrace experience that Joe Pendry brings to the staff.
“We are going to do what we need to do…We want to add some diversity to our system.” Wants better utilization, better work to get ball into the playmakers hands.
Enjoy watching the entire press conference:

FOX WBRC Birmingham, AL – (WBRC)
Jan. 31, 2008. 07:00 PM EST