Alabama’s new OC

A donkey competing in the Kentucky Derby, that is the difference between salaries at Fresno State compared to Alabama, according to Fresno State’s head coach Pat Hill.

Alabama hired Jim McElwain officially Wednesday. McElwain’s strongest asset may be the management of quarterbacks.

He jokingly cast the blame on quarterback Tom Brandstater, who often took criticism for the Bulldogs’ 4-8 season in 2006. “I blame it on him because he played so good,” McElwain said. “If he wouldn’t have played so well, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”

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Nick Saban also pointed to McElwain’s experience with quarterbacks: “Jim is a phenomenal coach and we are thrilled to have him on board,” said Alabama head coach Nick Saban. “He did an outstanding job last year at Fresno State. Their improvement on offense, especially in the play of their quarterback, was tremendous…He also brings NFL experience working with quarterbacks, which is another big plus.”

Whether Saban got his first or fifth choice is irrelevant. Anything would be better than last season. The biggest issue with this football team was the mishandling of John Parker Wilson. Wilson regressed under the 2007 Alabama offense. Any change would be an improvement.

Experts on talk radio were vocal in questioning Joe Pendry’s involvement in the Alabama offense. Pendry is the favorite whipping boy of fans and analysts.


Who knows.

The offense is the product of Nick Saban. If the team wins or loses, then Nick Saban is the one who will and should get the blame. Who coordinates the offense is much less important under Saban than under Mike Shula.


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    According to Saban, the offense isn’t the product of the coordinator, but the product of the entire staff. What you see is the Alabama offense.

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