One week until Signing Day

Thanks for all the feedback on the Raycom post. It was nice to hear not only from fans who thought Raycom sucked, but media persons who have experienced it first hand. I appreciated all the emails.

One week to go until signing day. That sound you don’t hear are top recruits committing to Auburn.

At this point, Florida has more Top 15 players from the state than Auburn. Alabama has 9 of the top 15 players from this state, and three players including Julio Jones remain uncommitted.

Tuberville’s class this year will be inferior to Nick Saban’s class last season; for comparision, Saban had about a month to build his first class, and Tuberville had the whole year. Well, that isn’t fair really. Tuberville had to fit in his hunting trips, and that important shopping trip to New York City.

This year’s recruiting has been less interesting than the frenzy Nick Saban created last year. It will be more successful.

One interesting phenomena has been “Alabama” fans calling talk radio shows like Paul Finebaum’s and questioning Julio Jones character. I’m not going to say these aren’t Alabama fans, but the loudest group of people calling Jones a thug have been Auburn fans.

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Ezekial Knight update
The Rap Sheet provides this statement from UA regarding Knight’s Undisclosed condition: “Our team doctors, training staff and coaches are aware of the situation. However, we won’t have any further comment until all of the information from the tests has been gathered and discussed with Zeke and his family.”

Tennessee defeats Alabama

Here’s a game summary of the basketball game. It was entertaining, and the team looks good when it is running. The Alabama half court offense still looks bad. I will say the defense seemed much better than it has over the last few years.