Sealing the deal

With about two weeks to go until National Signing Day, Nick Saban is busy making his final push on recruits. Here’s an article explaining the fallout of the departures of Ron Middleton and Major Applewhite:

Thankfully, both Middleton and Applewhite were responsible for just two players each and Saban appears to use multiple coaches (including himself) in the recruiting process so that a recruit doesn’t get too dependent on one coach. That’s a good way to cover your bases in case one of your assistants decides to take another job, as many of Saban’s assistants have done over the years.

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Mark Gottfried
The situation is becoming worse by the day for Mark Gottfried. It isn’t that Alabama fans don’t like Mark, or that fans don’t appreciate him for his days as a player and coach. But fans are fed up with the poor defense, poor offense and conference losses.

Gottfried is feeling the heat, his cliches don’t cut it anymore, and Gottfried’s future is up for discussion.

Gottfried has done less with more. He is consistently inconsistent. Those are problems. Gottfried likes to talk about improvements to the Alabama program since he arrived. Yes, it is true. The basketball program is better than it was under David Hobbs. However, fans look back to the days of Wimp Sanderson—days when Alabama won SEC championships on a regular basis.

The NFL conference championship games were entertaining. The Patriots played a bad game offensively, yet still won. That is how dominating this team has become. I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl this year for two reasons. First, seeing the Patriots make history, and second since I finally invested in HD. 🙂 Here’s a game summary on the Pats: