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Without a doubt, Major Applewhite will now get all the blame for Alabama’s poor offensive performance last season. Whatever one thinks, Alabama’s offense didn’t live up to expecations, or as Kevin Scarbinksy said, “clearly underachieved.” And someone is going to be blamed for it. Three guesses who.

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Scarbinsky makes one major blunder in his column by insisting Nick Saban must make changes because Auburn hired Tony Franklin.

That’s laughable.

Mike Shula’s offense worked effectively in the SEC. What crippled Shula’s offense was lack of discipline, execution and toughness. Those were head coaching issues, not offensive issues.

And if his offensive scheme as vanilla as it was worked, then it proves something. Fancy schemes might be nice, but good defense and solid execution are the most important elements for winning games in the SEC.

Cecil Hurt provides a little additional context on the Alabama staff, and why Applewhite is expected to bolt to Texas:

Furthermore, even in the unlikely event that Applewhite remains at Alabama, there will probably be changes in the way things are done. Last year, Applewhite was the offensive coordinator and play-caller, but the offensive game plan was more of a committee decision with veteran offensive line coach Joe Pendry having significant input. That process probably wasn’t going to be carried forward into 2008, one way or the other. Saban may well have anticipated that even before the 2007 season began, doing his best to assemble a staff for his first year and then planning to fine-tune things later.

A thank you note from the PetroSun Independence Bowl was published by the Anniston Star. Here’s a sample from it: 

With regard to Alabama, we feel we’re more than a stepping stone — we’re a launch pad. The future of the Crimson Tide football team is very promising and the PetroSun Independence Bowl takes great pride in the fact that the re-emergence of a great power started in Shreveport on Dec. 30, 2007. Thank you again for your enthusiastic support of your team. Roll Tide!

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    I’m willing to bet a large sum of money Joe Pendry advances to OC for the Tide. However, I’m also willing to bet (if CJP to OC is inevitable) our offense suffers even more next season than it did this past season.

    And Kevin Scarbinsky is an obvious moron. He actually has the notion backwards: API’s season and life evolves around UA, not vice versa. I take it he’s new to football in the state of Alabama.

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