Tuberville loses civil war

Is Tommy Tuberville ever going to leave Auburn? Probably not until he is fired. Despite Jimmy Sexton’s best efforts to get Tuberville fired this season, it didn’t happen and most likely won’t for another couple of years. However, the fiasco engineered by Tuberville and his agent won’t ease tensions in a rapidly dividing Auburn family.

I’m enjoying the turmoil. It is nice to have it on the other side of the state for once.

Instead of enjoying another win over Alabama, the Auburn nation was in the midst of a civil war.

And Tuberville lost that war.

It is only a matter of time until he is dethrone by the trustees and Pat Dye.

His own hubris has made him even more vulnerable than he was following losses to USF and MSU. If he has a similar disaster next season, the Tuberville death watch will be in full swing.

Of course, Tuberville has a way of coming back from the dead. But was this whole contract negotiation a bridge too far? Can he ever recover from the mistrust?

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Winning can salve wounds better than time. But, the fuel for success is taken in recruiting, and Tuberville has surrendered this year’s recruiting. Auburn will have a Top 20 class, but it will be substantially below its chief rivals in UGA, LSU and Alabama.

Knowing Tuberville, in three years if he is still at Auburn, he will blame Jetgate and these contract negotiations for his losses citing recruiting woes.

But what will he blame in 2008 if that season turns into a shipwreck? And more importantly, who in the Auburn family will be on his side?

Turmoil is never good for a program. But Auburn just can’t seem to enjoy its own success. And that is good for everyone else in the SEC West.


Speaking of the SEC West, Arkansas has reportedly offered Tommy Bowden the job—who turned it down this morning reportedly. Bowden has done a respectable job at Clemson. The Clemson website,, reported Clemson had reached an agreement with Bowden. Of course, this means the Arkansas job remains open, will Tuberville continue playing Arkansas against Auburn or will he capitulate as it appears he is doing now?

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