REPORT: Tuberville next Hawg coach


Friday Morning Update: The consensus reports from Arkansas and from Auburn press is that Tuberville to Arkansas is most likely a done deal. has reported sources point to Tuberville, but they aren’t confirming it yet. Why? The involvement of Jimmy Sexton. Multiple reports have Tuberville angry with Auburn’s latest contract offer.

PRAVDA:Tommy outraged by reports Neither he nor his agent, Jimmy Sexton, Tuberville said, has had any contact at all with Arkansas officials about the job vacated by Houston Nutt. That just means Tuberville and Sexton have talked with boosters and others in the background.

Multiple media outlets in Arkansas are reporting Tommy Tuberville will be the next Arkansas football coach. The reports cite ” multiple sources.” Stories are available at KNWA and Video here.

UPDATE: AU propaganda press cites sources who reject the reports.

Bandwagon: KLRT reports sources confirm deal near for Tuberville

False Start: Morning News reports no deal with Tuberville. MORE…

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The Morning News report quoted U of Ark AD Jeff Long: “I will say that many of the reports about an SEC West coach are extremely premature and actually aren’t even premature,” Long said. “They’re fantasy.” MORE…

The Morning News quoted a source close to Tuberville. Two guess who that source was. I’m betting his agent Jimmy Sexton. Here’s the specific attribution, you decide: A source close to Tuberville told The Morning News on Wednesday that the Auburn coach is a candidate to replace Nutt. But the source said Tuberville did not meet with Arkansas officials on Thursday.