NCAA b*tch slapped

A jury handed down a $5 million verdict against the NCAA. The jury found Ray Keller was injured by the NCAA—Keller alleged defamation and invasion of privacy, and the jury found in his favor.

From the Birmingham News:
“This is a landmark case in many instances,” said Archie Lamb, Keller’s Birmingham-based attorney. “What the NCAA did to Ray Keller was wrong and they needed to be punished.”

The NCAA is expected to appeal.

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Keller’s attorney appeared on the Paul Finebaum Radio Show Thursday afternoon a little over an hour following the verdict. The Lamb interview was interesting as it shed more light on the NCAA’s attempt to smear Cecil Hurt, the Tuscaloosa News lead reporter covering Alabama football.

The details of Hurt’s connection with Keller was reported in newspapers Thursday morning.

Lamb attacked the NCAA attorney’s for the despicable tactics against Hurt—a person who was facing large medical bills in 2000 when the loan was cosigned by Keller.

Once Finebaum’s website has the interview up, I’ll link it.