John Feinstein wrote a scathing hatchet job on Nick Saban. Why? The somewhat baffling reasoning essentially boiled down to Saban is a big meanie to the media.

Screw the media.

Feinstein’s whine-fest on Paul Finebaum’s radio program was insightful into what is wrong with the media. Namely, they are crybabies who demand special treatment, and who are left-wing extremists; to wit, he fell back into an attack on “right-wing websites” regarding the treatment of moveon.org, and how evil these sites were for not attacking Nick Saban.


What a moron.

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Or more accurately, Feinstein isn’t a moron, but rather an example of thought police. Take this excerpt from his column: “Okay, let’s just say this: NO ONE should be allowed to mention catastrophes in which thousands of people died when talking about football — or any sport. Not ever. And certainly not someone who is working at what is supposed to be an institution of higher learning. What kind of message is he sending to his players? If he makes a comment like this in public, what in the world is he saying to his players behind closed doors?”

People shouldn’t be allowed free speech or free thought in this liberal’s worker’s paradise—a world where you get fired or worse for having a thought out of step with the elite, one supposes composed of people like Whinestein.

No thanks.