Saban 11/19 press conference

“You all are putting winning before doing it right…You are putting winning a championship and winning games before getting people to do the right thing and being a champion. And that is wrong…” A dramatic exchange about halfway into the press conference resulted in a profound glimpse into Nick Saban’s problems with the Alabama program, the press and expectations.

Just a bit later in the conference, Saban grills a reporter, demanding the reporter answer a question. When the reporter stutters, Saban responds by telling him “Don’t stutter. It is a yes or no question.” That exchange was an entertaining moment.

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The main theme centered on character, and the need to do things right.

“Those who don’t care, shouldn’t be here,” Saban said.
Saban tried to explain the importance of team players in a team sport.

“People have to care and it has to be important to them…”

Saban indicated the team’s work ethic has been horrible following the LSU game. No shock there. We’ve seen the results on the field in missed assignments.

He also talked about how a catastrophic loss like this could have an impact like major events in history. For all you morons out there, Saban wasn’t comparing a football loss to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor—He was pointing out big events create big consequences.

When teams have failed to respond in the past, a catastrophic event “like this” helps the team figure out what it has to do to win.
He said it was a choice to do things right. If the players make the choice to do the right thing, “then we can be a good football team.”

Saban also said the KEY TO BEING SUCCESSFUL IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL is having the players with the right kind of character. The only way a player is great is through having the right kind of work habits and discipline on and off the field.

Saban may have explained why J.P. Wilson continues to see playing time despite mistakes. He said he prefers working with people who are trying to do the right thing. So, I think Saban is telling you one of the few people really working is the one player most fans are bashing.

Here is Nick Saban’s Monday conference leading into Iron Bowl week: