Bryant stories; LSU game edges closer

If you don’t listen to Paul Finebaum, you should listen to this interview with John Underwood who has re-released his Bear: The Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama’s Coach Bryant. The stories Underwood shares are wonderful. Enjoy the Frank Sinatra and Bryant story.

Oh yes, this is LSU week isn’t it.

It looks like the five suspended players will miss more than just the Tennessee game. Saban said the probe has not completed, but would be presented to the NCAA soon. “We’re completing it and about to give it to them,” said Saban, who remarked earlier: “I think they have to tabulate and know for sure what the extent of the damage is. A lot of this happened in the past, so it’s the cumulative effect that they have to be able to know.”

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Miles is a buffoon. Regardless of what Saban and Mr. College Football Tony Barnhart say.

The media continues to talk about Glenn Dorsey’s status. Dorsey, who postponed his NFL career to return for his senior season, sprained his right knee on an illegal chop block by Auburn two weeks ago. He has remained coy about his status this week but has practiced in a brace. Expect him to play.

With all the hatred toward Saban, Paul Finebaum explains the truth—this is a bigger game for LSU than Alabama: “(Alabama fans) are excited because it’s a big game and it’s been looming since January (when Saban was hired by the Crimson Tide). But it’s a bigger game for LSU. They still have this obsession with Nick Saban.”