LSU week, and I can’t focus

I’ve had trouble focusing since the Tennessee win. Yes, it was that good. That satisfying.

The off-week didn’t help because it just let me watch the game again. And again.

But it is LSU week now, so I should try to focus on that.

But all I can think about regarding LSU is how much of a buffoon Les Miles has become. But then I think about all the superstitious Alabama fans who were worried about Gameday possibly attending. Some of the shouting of relief when Gameday said the would go to Oregon was comical.

It really makes no sense for Alabama fans to fear Gameday.

Of course, I’ve spent the last few days listening to Alabama fans moan about UGA’s celebration in the Florida game.

Yes, the same people who enjoyed Williams and Lassic’s celebrations in the 1990’s were all upset at Richt and Georgia.

Please. I’m just happy Urban Meyer was shown to be as clueless as I thought. Did anyone else notice the deer-in-the-headlights look following the UGA celebration? It discombobulated the Gator staff. It was a very good decision because it put the Gators on the defensive for the first time in forever in that series.

On another note, if people think Tommy Tuberville is safe at Auburn, forget it. Tuberville’s name is in contention for every job opening. And the heat on Tuberville’s name just gets hotter with each passing week. Why? Because Tuberville is feeling around for jobs, despite what some AU apologists on might say. The latest Tuberville talk is a Tuberville-to-Baton Rouge scenario.

Most of the MSNBC column is farcical; however, as I wrote before Tuberville has done a better than average job at Auburn. He isn’t Pat Dye, but AU would be foolish to run him off. But, that may be what happens if AU drops games to its two biggest rivals (Georgia and Alabama.) If that unfolds, you can easily see why Tuberville would bolt to Texas A&M or LSU or one of several other major job openings this winter.

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But wait, this is LSU week. Why can’t I focus? At least Saban can. At his Monday press conference, he outlined why the LSU game is just another game: I’m a competitor. I’m on this side of the fence now,” Saban said. “That means I respect the other guys but we want to help our guys compete the best that they can to play winning football against a very good team. There’s nothing hard about that.”

What is lost in the media circus surrounding Saban vs. Miles is that: LSU, if the next few days play out as expected, is one injury away from needing Andrew Hatch to be the starting quarterback of its national championship hopes. Uggh!

And because I can’t focus on LSU, the Miss State game will be televised on LFS.


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    Uncle jesse

    Get the lead out of your butt boy and keep the articles coming. Gives me something to pass the work day with. I enjoy reading what you write cause you make pretty good sense. Roll Tide!

  2. 3

    I’ll try! I promise. I have to admit to feeling almost giddy with how things are going in Tuscaloosa. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way since…well as long as I care to remember anyway.

    I’m going to also start getting serious about recruiting again. I let it slip aside during the summer when the Propst stuff started heating up and I never got focused on it again.

    Thanks for reading and the comments 🙂

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