Alabama outlines inquiry

UA is in a full-scale review of how all student-athletes receive textbooks. The review is being handled by the University’s Office of Financial Affairs, the Athletics Compliance Office, the Athletic Department’s Center of Athletic Student Services and the University Supply Store.

That is a lot of bureaucrats. So, the over-under on completion of this review must be two years from next Thursday.

According to a report from FOX6 in Birmingham, the University is looking at these areas during its review:

• Provide a complete review of textbook disbursal for all scholarship student-athletes at the University of Alabama.

• Reconciliation of any discrepancies regarding textbooks disbursed and textbooks needed for scholarship student-athletes at UA.

• Provide clear and complete information regarding how textbooks are distributed to student-athletes.

• Determine if the current textbook distribution system failed, and strengthen those procedures so as to eliminate future problems of this nature.

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The University presently uses this process for textbook distribution:

• Student-athlete’s name and campus-wide ID are sent to the book store.

• Student-athlete’s class schedule is obtained through the registration system.

• Book store bags the textbooks for the student-athlete to pick up.

• Books are given to the student-athlete.

• Student-athlete reviews the contents with a book store employee.

• Student-athlete signs a form acknowledging receipt of the textbooks.

• If the student-athlete needs more books for any reason (class changes, etc.), the same process must be repeated.

It is early in the process, but the most interesting part will be what the reconciliation reveals. It should give us a good indication if the problem was systemic within the student-athlete population.

A quick aside, our political leaders are finally paying some attention to the Georgia water grab disguised as their drought emergency. Gov. Bob Riley said on Monday the Georgia requests to the federal government would injure Alabama. He’s right. Georgia’s years of stupidity shouldn’t dry up our lakes and rivers. Georgia has only itself to blame, but they want to make Alabama pay for it. Sorry. Years of bad policy shouldn’t let you change generations of riparian law.

Here’s a quick AP story on the water wars between Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

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    John Feeney

    Atleast their looking into it. If this was addressed a few years ago, we all agree it would have turned into a nightmare.

    Georgia water problem, like that was not foretold before hand. TVA has not said one word on the subject.

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