F*me pumps thrown by Ole Miss fan

Talk about being upset at the outcome of a game. While I was laughing at this photograph of shoes thrown in disgust at the outcome of the Ole Miss-Alabama game, a female friend pointed out these weren’t just any shoes—they were fuck me pumps. Apparently, from a woman’s perspective, throwing those heels was a sin ranking right up there with what those Alabama students did when they threw good alcohol on the field after the Bama loss to Georgia.


So anyway, thanks to that drunk Ole Miss coed, I had to listen to an Amy Winehouse cd. That’s another reason to hate Ole Miss now. Yes, I know the photograph is too big for the page, but I’m lazy today. This is Sunday morning and I’m exhausted. 😉

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There are plenty of game wrap-ups, so here are two wraps about the game. I’m still thinking about this one, and will refrain from being overly critical until I watch some film. Here are a couple of game stories for your enjoyment.

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