Tide’s season almost arrested for inconsistency

By Hunter Ford

“If you’re ever in Houston, you better do right. You better not gamble and you better not fight. Cause the sheriff, he’ll grab ya. And the boys will bring you down. Next thing you know boy, you’re prison bound.”- Midnight Special

The Houston Cougars nearly took Alabama’s season back to Sugar Land with them. Sugar Land, for those who don’t know, is a suburb of Houston famous for its prison and the classic folk song “Midnight Special” written there.

A train out of Houston would rumble past the Sugar Land prison at midnight. According to legend, if a beam from the train’s headlight ever fell on a prisoner, that prisoner would soon be set free.

If not for the last second end zone interception, the Tide’s season would be incarcerated in despair. I wish a beam of light from the Midnight Special could shine on Alabama’s offense and save it from the prison of inconsistency it has been wallowing in.

John Parker Wilson has shown flashes of brilliance here and there, but he goes from champ to chump faster than a speeding locomotive.

Ohhh! But you better not complain son, or you’ll get in trouble with the man.

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Coach Nick Saban seemed a little testy in addressing the media’s questions about his rotations of positions other than quarterback.

“Somebody doesn’t have to mess up for somebody else to play, you understand? It’s called competition,” Saban said.

Yeah, I understand. But why can’t you apply that concept to ALL positions Coach Saban? I don’t want to see JP run out on a rail, but would it kill you, Coach, to give Greg McElroy a little bit of playing time?

I’m not going to get stuck on the chain gang of pessimism here. Overall, I thought there were some very positive things that came out of Saturday’s victory.

This whole season is a state of mind thing as far as I’m concerned. Either the glass is half empty or it is half full.

On the half empty side, Bama let another big lead slip away, and its offense was inept in some crucial situations.

On the half full side, the Tide came out and knocked the Cougars in the jaw early. The opening drive was liberating; the defensive sacks and the early safety were inspiring.

Here’s the final verdict. A win is a win, and Alabama needed one after two straight defeats. Houston is better than most people realize. The Cougars won ten games last season and I look for them to bounce back from this loss and play in a bowl this year.

Yep the glass is half full…I just wish it was all the way full.

Next up: Ole Miss will try to free itself from mediocrity. The Rebels could make their season interesting by upsetting the Tide. At 2-4, Ole Miss has much to gain and much to lose. A win against Alabama gives them light at the end of the bowl tunnel. A loss pretty much puts them in solitary confinement. The Rebels would have to win four of their last five games just to break even.

I’ve always thought the Mississippi teams (Ole Miss and State) play football like the prisoners in The Longest Yard.

They don’t have high expectations but they will inflict as much physical punishment as possible… and if they win its gravy.

With an ever lovin’ light shining on the Tide, I’m predicting a 24-13 Alabama victory.

P.S. I got an e-mail from a guy accusing me of being a Barner. I don’t take lightly having my Crimson DNA challenged. If anybody under the age of 40 (I’m 37) would like to challenge me in an Alabama football trivia contest I will be glad to tangle. Perhaps the Capstone Report moderator could help facilitate the contest.


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