Week 6 Previews

Alabama plays Houston. Wow. I’m excited. What a follow-up to the three weeks of excitement with games against Arkansas, Georgia and FSU. Of course, my lack of excitement is what makes a team like Houston so dangerous—and why coaches like Saban make big money: you have to keep the team focused and determined.

And we’ll need focus on defense as Houston has a powerful offense. Just how powerful? Since 2003, the Cougars have posted 400 or more yards of total offense 37 times, according to the Huntsville Times. Yikes.

Why is the offense so powerful? Saban says it is because the scheme is very well designed. I met Art Briles once when he was a very successful coach at one of the top programs [Stephenville] in Texas,” Saban said. “He’s a very impressive guy. Their offensive concept is all his stuff. It’s very difficult to prepare for. It’s well conceived. They have great skill players, they get them in space and they get them the ball,” Saban said in the Tuscaloosa News.

Of course, Houston has given up points. And that should be a good thing to get our offense back on track.

While Saban keeps the team focused, I can worry about recruiting. Yes, I hate recruiting, but somehow I’m very interested in keeping track of what happens now. Maybe it is that Saban is winning more battles than he loses in recruiting? One big battle is over Julio Jones. Last night Foley defeated Daphne 16-14 in front of a national television audience on ESPN2 (or wait, was it ESPN8 the Ocho? I forget, so many stupid ESPN networks now.) Anyway, Jones caught the game winning touchdown. He made the two biggest plays of the game for the Lions, catching a 30-yard scoring toss from Smith in the first half, then ripping the game-winner out of the hands of Daphne safety Will Stringer with 9:15 to play, according to the Press-Register.

Jones looked good and appears to be living up to the hype. He certainly would be a nice addition to any college team. Let’s hope he lands in Tuscaloosa.

The big games of Week 6:
Last week five of the Top 10 lost. What happens this week? Who knows, but I bet it isn’t as exciting. The really big questions is will Les Miles find a way to mess up the LSU Tigers? This week’s game against Florida will provide an answer to that question.

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