Anti-Saban site a joke

The creator of the site, Mark Rigsby, kindly replied to our email asking for clarification regarding the site. Mr. Rigsby said the site was created to give a good friend (and Bama fan) a hard time.” Rigsby said the site was not intended as a smear to Alabama fans. We’ll take his word for it. However, the creation of the site immediately following the loss to UGA, certainly could be viewed by media and others as the work of “deluded” Alabama fans. We like jokes, but it might be useful to actually, you know, be funny and not rely on stereotypes.

The image on the site, a reimagining of Michelangelo’s Creation of Man showing Saban in the place of Adam and Bryant in the position of God the Father about to impart the spark of life, has been replaced with an apology for using the image in a “blashphemous” manner.

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    Great job tracking down the author of the website. I think everyone knew that it was not made by an actual Alabama fan. I would love to see the actual email of his response.

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    Thanks, but the credit should go to the blog readers and the Alabama fans who cracked the identity. I looked at the site’s registry and saw it was held privately. But it was the intrepid investigative powers of others on the Internet, who discovered the persons identity. I simply reported the facts others uncovered and I was albe to replicate. I then sent an email to the alleged creator, and he replied via email.

    As for the entire email, it was very cordial and I take the guy at his word. He even offered to remove from his website anything that was hurtful.

    I will say the site is a lot funnier since we know its origin. FYI, here’s the entire email. As I said, I respect the guy a lot for answering the email, and taking on the pointed question I asked regarding how the site could portary Alabama fans in a negative way.


    The site was created to give a good friend (and Bama fan) a hard time. The picture was a terrible oversight on my part – and that has already been corrected. It sounds like you are a Christian too – and I believe you’ll agree with me that Christians are allowed to have fun too. If you can point out to me where I smeared Alabama fans, I’ll promptly correct it. To specifically answer your question – “no” I am not trying to create a negative impression of Alabama fans.

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    Thanks for the follow up. I read the website and thought it was funny, especially the alleged portrayals of supposed Alabama fans.

    I think like most people the only thing I took issue with was the idea that this was an Alabama fan who started the website. I personally cannot stand the how the national media and others try to portray Alabama fans as completely ignorant and clueless. Thanks again.

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