Richt’s cynical move

I like Mark Richt. I’ve always thought he was a good coach, good recruiter, and most of all a decent guy. However, there is little doubt Richt’s move to close practice is a cynical move to blame outside factors for the loss to South Carolina and a ready-made excuse if the Bulldogs lose to Alabama.

Furthermore, the timing capitalizes on the New England spying fiasco.

This story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains the situation. It mentions New England, Bill Belichick, and of course Saban’s ties to the coach. How convenient for Richt to already have a scapegoat picked out.

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There can be little doubt the move is cynical. If, as Richt suggested, Georgia is always worried about people watching practice, then he would’ve already shuttered practice. Unless the Bulldogs are coming out in the Wishbone, what information could be gathered from watching practice that could not already be gathered from watching game film?

Most people know Georgia’s problems (see offensive line film from South Carolina game). I’m sure a good football coach could deduce a few additional things from watching practice; however, is that the best use of time at this stage of the season?

Regardless, Richt’s closure of practice is a cynical attempt to silence the howls of another disappointing season in Athens.