Auburn fingerprints on Richt’s decision

Could an Auburn graduate be responsible for the closed Georgia practice? According to an Atlanta-Journal Constitution writer who appeared on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, Stacy Searels, a former Auburn graduate and former LSU assistant might have been behind Mark Richt’s move.

The writer, said he couldn’t confirm that and wouldn’t with anonymous sources, but it was a fascinating bit of gossip he passed along. Imagine, an Auburn graduate’s fingerprints on a move to embarrass Nick Saban and Alabama.

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FYI: Stacy Searels is a 1990 graduate of Auburn and the OL coach for UGA, according to the official Georgia website.

I said the Richt move was cynical earlier. Doesn’t it look even more so with this revelation? Football has become a dirty game of politics, innuendo and media perception. Richt and his Auburn crony have decided to use the media bias against Saban. It smells rotten—but what else should we expect from Auburn?

FWIW: Our piece on the controversy was mentioned on AOL’s Fanhouse.


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    You failed to mention that Coach Searels worked with Saban as his offensive line Coach at LSU…its not that he is an Auburn grad that he wants to assure that snake Saban is not spying, its that he has worked for him and knows first hand what a dirty, win-at-all costs coach Saban is. And the fact that he is close with that cheater Bellichik on adds fuel to the fire.

  2. 2

    I said he was an LSU assistant. I think most readers can look at the timeline and see he was there with Saban. Of course, if you believe Saban is a dirty coach, then you are more deluded than most SEC fans.

  3. 3

    I heard that interview and thought it was interesting. Chip definitely made it a point to talk about coach Searels and his connection. I personally think the connection is completely irrelevant.

    I think what is more interesting is the media’s determination to try and tie Saban into this Belichick controversy. He coached for the man 13 years ago! There are 7 other active head coaches that worked with Belichick, yet none seemingly take near the heat. How about Al Groh from Virginia? He must be cheating, except of course for that Wyoming game!

  4. 4

    As a UGA fan let’s just play ball – should be a great atmosphere and a great game – who cares that UGA closed practice – Saban may not be liked but the guy’s a damn fine college coach. Hats off, he has bama off to a fine start. Its good for the league to get bama back in the mix, it really adds to the competiveness in the conference.

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