Experts believe national title only matter of time

Recruiting experts believe it isn’t if Saban will win a national title, but when. That’s what Tom Lemming told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Tuesday’s edition. “Mark Richt now has got to be very careful and very wary of what Nick Saban is doing,” said Tom Lemming, a recruiting analyst. “I think it is not a matter of if but when he will win a national title at Alabama, and with that he will attract the majority of the major talent in the Southeast.”

Who else might have cause to worry about Saban? Lemming says Auburn. The article is a great read.

Speaking of recruiting, Andrew Bone reported players were impressed by the crowd and its positive energy. “I don’t know what some of the uncommitted guys thought, but it was a good game. The game really showed how the fans are at Alabama. If you can’t like that, then I don’t know why you are playing football.” Bone quoted Ivan Matchett as saying.

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Nick Saban doesn’t care about polls. They are “external factors.” By the way, if someone asks Saban what he thinks about polls, and you are a reporter covering Saban, please don’t ask him the same question again. It only pisses him off. I like the press, but I can see why Saban gets frustrated dealing with it.

Alabama winning is good for business. On a normal day, sales at the Bama Fever/ Tiger Pride store in Trussville are about $3,000, but for the first day of college football, try $20,000! reported WVTM in Birmingham. Wow.

Bad news: University of Alabama point guard Ronald Steele has decided to take a medical redshirt and miss the 2007-08 basketball season. Here’s the entire story (Flash required):


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  1. 1

    “Recruiting experts” are out to make money, and they know Bama fans are easy pickings. Anyone who spends their time obsessively analyzing the bodies and thought processes of 17 year olds is a borderline pedophile.

    Saban may win another national championship someday (though the odds are against him). The question is: will it be at Bama? I seriously doubt he’ll last three years in T-town.

  2. 2

    I’m too young to remember, but I bet in ’58 auburn fans were saying the same things about that guy from Texas A&M. “He won’t stay”, “We have a winning record against him”, & “It really doesn’t matter, we just re-load”.

  3. 3

    Bryan — my comments are based on Saban’s history, and the fact that bama was so desperate to get him, they don’t even have a buyout clause in his contract. He can walk away at any time to go anywhere and there’s no penalty to him or the other team. He could leave for Michigan after this season just like that. Even Shula had a freaking buyout clause.

    But leave it to a bama fan to bring up their long-dead only claim to glory. Bama fans live in the past even when the past was before their time.

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