Auburn should stand behind Tuberville

Auburn fans should put aside their irrational expectations, and understand the challenges Tommy Tuberville faces. Tuberville has only been at Auburn nine years. That’s a short time in the annals of football history. Just look how long coaches like Jordan and Bryant were at their respective schools. What’s more, look at how long Paterno and Bowden have been at their schools. Does anyone think it easy for a coach to be at a place nine short years and compete with the likes of Bowden and Paterno? Of course not! Tuberville needs more time.

The expectations on Tuberville are excessive. He can’t be expected to win every game, every year. That’s just stupid. Sure Tuberville has made mistakes. Sure losing to rivals by big margins hurts (like Georgia in 2006 or 2003) and sure Tuberville has a career losing record against Arkansas at 5-6 and sure Tuberville has a losing record to Georgia Tech (0-2), but come on he has beaten Alabama five times.

That should really count for something! Even Pat Dye couldn’t do that. Sure, Pat Dye didn’t have to deal with Mike Shula, but he did have his Bill Curry!

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Expectations shouldn’t cloud reality. Tuberville just hasn’t had enough time to get this current group of players educated in his system. That takes years. Obviously, it isn’t Tuberville’s fault the quarterbacks aren’t ready to play. It is Cox’s fault. It is Burns’ fault. It might even be Borges’ fault—but he is a genius, so probably not.

Just stick by your coach. Don’t expect to win every game and you’ll do just fine.