As good a day as it was, better days to come

A fun column and a few links following the dramatic Alabama victory over Arkansas 41-38.

Here is a column from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. Don’t read unless you have a sense of humor about fellow Alabama fans. And, BTW, the writer is correct, while today was nice, there are even better days ahead.

As good a day as it was for Alabama, better days are sure to come

The Tide Druid describes the game as being “like a cleansing from the Mike Shula era

The Miami Herald provides us with the AP story. Nice to see Alabama and Nick Saban still getting coverage in Florida.

Magazine cover of The Bama Twins and a photo are available on this page. You can read a profile of them by clicking HERE.

The Rap Sheet has a great quote from John Parker Wilson.

Cecil Hurt has a great column on the drama. From the column:It’s not just the winning, although the winning is important. It’s the sense of confidence that leadership instills. It’s the belief that there will always be a chance when things look bleak. It’s the notion that the decisions made in the heat of battle — like kicking a field goal rather than going for a fourth down with under five minutes to go — will work out.

Auburn apologists are now predicting a losing season for the once powerful Tommy Tuberville.

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