Auburn fans should leave Tuberville alone

Radio Auburn, errr I mean the Roundtable on WJOX and other shows like them, defended Tommy Tuberville by quoting stats from Tuberville post-Jetgate.

But the whole Pravda-like defense of Tuberville misses the point—Auburn has been in serious decline caused primarily by Auburn’s failure to qualify its recruits over the last few seasons. Auburn’s top recruting classes are a joke. Auburn signed 30 in its last class, but only 20 qualified. Do the math. That hurts. Add those types of problems over a couple of seasons and you have what amounts to a handicap.

Then, Nick Saban makes Alabama’s 2007 class respectable. The 2008 class with be a Top 5 or Top 3 in the nation by the time it is over.

Auburn fans see the writing on the wall, and they know it says: “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”

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The perfect storm of probation and incompetence is at an end in Tuscaloosa. The pendulum has swung. Auburn fans know that, and you can hear the panic. Every caller saying they aren’t worried—are the same ones who booed.

But Auburn fans shouldn’t blame Tuberville for making the right call in the South Florida game. Auburn’s offense was incompetent during the second half of the game. Tuberville already saw USF couldn’t reliably hit a field goal. Why risk yet another turnover when you can get into overtime by running out the clock? Let your good kicker and strong defense win the game.

Auburn fans’ insecurity has them booing Tuberville’s decision. But it isn’t the real reason for disaffection. Auburn fans wanted Tuberville gone (Jetgate) because he has a tendency to lose big to rivals. With the playing field tilted toward the Plains, Tuberville overcame that problem regarding Alabama. What person, even the most myopic Tiger fan, believes Tuberville will have a winning record against Nick Saban in five years? Even the most optimistic analysis puts Auburn on the decline.

Auburn fans know Tuberville’s deficiencies. They are worried those deficiencies will only make Saban’s job easier.

What Auburn fans don’t understand, is that Tuberville is the best coach they can hope to get. And with all the gnashing of teeth, they are only making Tuberville’s job that much harder.