SEC launches Story of Character campaign

The nation’s most powerful football conference launched an advertising campaign to celebrate its 75th Anniversary season. The SEC and its media firm Creative Prescence Partners (CPP) snagged luminaries including former president Bill Clinton (Arkansas), actress Ashley Judd (Kentucky), bestselling authors John Grisham (Mississippi State) and Winston Groom (Alabama), NFL quarterback Peyton Manning (Tennessee), television personalities Deborah Norville (Georgia) and Robin Roberts (Mississippi), musician Darius Rucker (South Carolina), political strategist James Carville (LSU), Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines (Auburn), writer/humorist Roy Blount Jr. (Vanderbilt) and golf commentator Steve Melnyk (Florida).

From my perspective, Kentucky wins.

Here’s the rest of the press release:

Other items of note:
Star Jackson committed Tuesday afternoon to the Tide, according to Andrew Bone writing for the Tuscaloosa News.’s analysis of Jackson: Jackson is a quarterback with a great feel for the game. He is very good at sensing the rush and adjusts quickly to either bail or use his quick release to get rid of the ball. He is good at locating open receivers on the run outside the pocket and has great touch on the ball inside 25 yards. Stands tall in the pocket and reads quickly. has the Tide ranked 12th in recruiting two Top 100 prospects and 11 four-star prospects. Alabama is ranked sixth, according to As always, recruiting rankings, especially this far out, are more like vodoo than science. But what is clear is the trend which began with Saban’s first recruiting class continues in the 2008 class.

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Oh? You are curious where Auburn is ranked? Auburn is ranked 32 by and 23rd by But Auburn isn’t worried about it. I read it on the Internet, and you know it has to be true.

There’s a really good blog you should make a regular stop, The Birmingham News Alabama beat writer Ian Rapoport is posting The Rap Sheet over at It’s got some interesting things including a post on Fanuzzi playing, and how Saban punished Keith Brown and Prince Hall by not allowing them to be around the team. Yes, I was rather critical of the News during the twilight of Shula’s days and the coaching search. However, I still think the Birmingham News is the best newspaper in the southeast—and besides it has legend Ron Ingram working for it. Also, Rapoport’s stuff is easy to read and informative. Check it out.

Speaking of being critical of media outlets, I called Pravda during the Shula fiasco. Hopefully, everyone knew that was only in fun!