Entertaining first simulcast

Paul Finebaum is the king of all media—at least in Alabama. You can read him in the newspaper, listen to him on the radio, watch him on television news and now view his radio show via the Internet.

Kind of.

There were numerous kinks in the first day’s simulcast on the Internet. The online video was not friendly to anyone running a browser other than Internet Explorer. Watching the simulcast on Safari, the video would often stop. IE users could simply refresh; however, that didn’t work with Safari as refreshing would just relaunch the already downloaded portion of the video. To re-sync with the feed required closing Safari and re-opening the myfoxfinebaum.com page.

The audio was spotty as well. Sometimes it was loud and clear, other times I had to boost the audio on my Mac with external speakers. Again, it wasn’t a problem watching under Windows. And before someone says buy a PC—I don’t have to. I can load Windows on my Mac; however, why should I have to load XP to view a radio show? Fox should design its Internet architecture to general standards not some idiotic standard from Redmond, Washington.

With all the negatives related to the Fox infrastructure, the video was a nice touch. Getting to see Finebaum’s expressions is worth the price of admission.

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One other thought about Finebaum’s show, why is it callers like Dawson continue to come back? Are they masochists? Finebaum has destroyed Dawson every single time he has called since the Castille arrest. Yet, Dawson calls in and attacks Finebaum. Callers like Dawson and Jim from Tuscaloosa give every resident of Alabama a bad name. Aside from being obnoxious, these callers are hypocrites. As for Bobby and I-Man, those callers are morons, but isn’t that typical of the Auburn fan base anyway?

I’m not going to even comment on the Pat Dye interview. Well other than to say, it must have killed Dye to say all those nice things about Tuberville.


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    Does Firefox work on OS X? I wonder if refreshing with that op. system would work at all.

    I use FF everyday myself. But, I am using Windows Vista *grumbles* on my Vaio.

  2. 3

    Yes, Firefox works on OSX. I might have to try that. I’m starting to think it is the Windows Media player I’m using which is the problem.

    But I’ll give Firefox a try and see if that helps.

    As for Dawson, he may be a pastor. I’ll take him at his word. But I’ve known lots of pastors with free time. I’ve known other pastors with not a moment free.

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