Problems remain in Tuscaloosa

With football season upon us you would think we could enjoy the important things, like game week talk and parties. Unfortunately, game week kicks off with a Kevin Scarbinsky hit piece in the Sunday Birmingham News.

What concerns me is not the innuendo passed as news regarding Josh Chapman’s status at UA. The concern from the column was this segment toward the end:

By coincidence, Alabama held its annual start-of-school compliance meeting for the entire athletic department last week. As has been the case with previous staffs, the football coaches did not attend.

This trend bothers some members of the department, but King said he keeps in close contact with the football coaches on compliance matters. He said that he’s met with the football staff three times in August, and added that he meets with Nick Saban virtually every day the head coach is in the office.

Who are these members of the athletic department concerned? And why would they be talking to Scarbinsky and other reporters? One answer: trying to undermine the program and increase their own power.

We’ve seen it before. We are still seeing it.

There are serious problems with the athletic department staff. This Scarbinsky column proves it once again.