Croyle loses battle for starting QB job

After a long preseason battle, Brodie Croyle lost his bid to start at QB for the Kansas City Chiefs. Croyle threw three interceptions during the preseason, and this propensity to turn the ball over more than anything else probably cost him the job. KC coach Herm Edwards said Damon Huard provides stability, which is something he wants opening on the road at Houston.

Edwards said Croyle has a future with the Chiefs, and predicted the former Alabama great would one day be the starter.

How long until that day? It depends on Huard taking care of the football.


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    Personally, I’m glad Croyle didn’t get the starting job. He made quite a few years of my life a living hell by never being able to pull it together in the big game. Also,I blame him for the night I went to jail after the LSU game. Fighting is never the answer, but sometimes it just makes you fell good when a 9-0 season goes down the drain in front of your eyes.

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