Injury tilts QB battle toward Croyle

Brodie Croyle has been slightly leading in the QB battle in Kansas City, but an injury to Damon Huard could settle the matter, according to the Kansas City Star. You can read the entire story below. Below that is a Q&A with Croyle following Tuesday’s (Aug. 21) practice.

Q&A with BRODIE CROYLE – 8/21 via Kansas City Chiefs

Q: How is it to get RB Larry Johnson back?

CROYLE: “It was great. It’s been a while, we’ve missed seeing him out there and he provided an extra spark for practice. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the game against New Orleans, but its good having him back there and putting all of this behind us. We’re moving forward.”

Q: When did you figure out he was out there? Was it when you turned to hand off the ball to him?

CROYLE: “It was almost like that. When he came running out everybody was hooting and hollering, we were actually in the huddle at the time and then we saw him. It was good to see 27 back there.”

Q: How do you feel about your situation? It looks as if you are going to play extensively this Thursday night.

CROYLE: “I’ve still got to go out there on Thursday and earn it. I’m excited to play an extensive amount of time as opposed to just going out there and having three or four series to go out there and do what you can. When you’re playing for two or three quarters you can get into a rhythm and you don’t feel like you have to go out there and make a play. You can take your check downs, move the ball and eventually you know you’re going to be able to get that big shot.”

Q: How beneficial has it been taking the majority of the snaps in practice this week?

CROYLE: “It’s been great to just go through the ones throughout, just developing that timing, developing that trust and I think that it is going to help out come Thursday.”

Q: Does having Larry back take some pressure off of you at the quarterback position?

CROYLE: “It does. Anytime you have Larry Johnson back there running the ball you don’t have to go out there and win games. You know that he’s going to be your workhorse and you’re going to go out there and ride him. It’s just up to the quarterback to make plays when called upon and it’s good to have him back.”

Q: Do you feel like you’ve taken control of this competition and this is now your football team?

CROYLE: “I’m just going out there and am doing the same thing since we started this whole thing back during OTAs. I’m still going with that mindset, just going out there to have the best day that I can and have a better day then everyone else. It’s all leading up to where the coaches are going to have to make a decision.”

Q: Since you will be playing a lot this week, do you think that this game is a make or break situation for you?

CROYLE: “It’s definitely something I’m looking forward to. If I go out there, have a good game and we put some points up on the board, then it will be interesting. If I don’t, I’m not ready to go. It’s a big game, it’s the next game and it’s going to be my first really extensive playing time.”

Q: Do you feel like you’re ready to go?

CROYLE: “Oh yeah, I just have to cut out the stupid stuff. If the big play isn’t there, I’ll take the check down. I need to go from first-and-10 to second-and-five as opposed to first-and-ten to wait for your next series.”

Q: Do you feel like you’re sometimes trying to do too much?

CROYLE: “There are times, especially when we went on that touchdown drive and then we went out there and kind of got excited. You know, if I throw another touchdown, who knows what can happen. Opposed to doing that, if I would have just hit the swing route we still might have scored or we definitely would have been second-and-two or second-and-three. That’s the good thing about playing for three quarters. You don’t have to go out there and make that big play. You can just wait for it to present itself.”