Being a cop isn’t easy

Being a cop isn’t easy. It is a tough job working around the worst element of society. A job where a gun is necessary equipment, and so is a bulletproof vest.

It is easy to assume every police officer is as rude as the one who pulled you over to write a ticket and while hitching up his pants asked, “Where’s the fire at son?”

Throw in incompetence like the Duke Lacrosse case, questionable prosecutions like the Siegelman/Scrushy case, and you’ve got a recipe for distrust not only of police, but our entire criminal justice system.

Of course, that is probably a good thing. The public should question every action of the government, especially when the state decides to label someone a criminal. However, not every cop is bad or arrogant or a jerk. Some of them are dedicated public servants, who like you and me can have a bad day.

But the venom directed at the Tuscaloosa Police Department may or may not be correct. The officer may have overstepped common sense when he arrested Simeon Castille on charges of disorderly conduct at about 2 a.m. Sunday. According to the Castille family, the charges weren’t warranted.

Ultimately, this arrest once again proves Dr. Robert Witt is correct. The Strip must be cleaned up. College is for learning, not endless parties. Perhaps I’ve become old and out-of-touch, but the Capstone should be known for academics not as a party destination. The Capstone should be known for excellence on the field, not football players being arrested. The University deserves better than this. The students deserve better than this.

Students are going to party. Students are going to make bad choices. Unfortunately, some of these choices place lives and property in danger. While alcohol was reportedly not involved in the Castille incident, can anyone doubt alcohol’s deleterious effect on Tuscaloosa’s environment?

When football players are out at 2 a.m., in an area where libations are flowing like water in a stream, it is a recipe for disaster. It is time Alabama fans and UA alums supported cleaning up Tuscaloosa—if nothing else, maybe for the good of the football team? That seems to be the only thing some folks care about.

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