2007 Alabama Football Preview

Here’s the 2007 football preview by experts from The Sports Network. To read it, you’ll need flash installed, and it is several pages so just click the arrow buttons to move forward or backward. I’ll post my thoughts on the preview below:

First, it recaps the 2006 campaign, but glosses over Mike Shula’s dumb-ass coaching issues. Then it calls the coaching search embarrasing. I’m sorry, it was stressful, but the only embarrasing thing was the bias of the national sports press attacking Alabama.

The season preview portion is very accurate. I think Alabama has a lot of talent; however, this is the SEC and not the PAC-10. One element of the preview brings something to mind that I had forgotten: Alabama notched only 13 sacks in 13 games last year. The defense can be better this season despite all of us who are worried about it.

As talk radio critics continue to tell us J.P. Wilson sucks, the folks at the Sports Network are good enough to point out the truth: Wilson notched impressive passing yards in his first year as a starter, and will have a pair of receivers that can stretch the defense vertically. But all of that hinges on improvement on the offensive line.

That’s probably the best point of any season preview thus far.

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    So you don’t like the analysis and preview stuff from the sports network? Alright, if that is the consensus then I won’t post their stuff.

    I thought it was nice to add in a few things from a reputable news service from time-to-time when it talked about Alabama and the SEC. Oh well, guess it is back to just posting my stuff….but I always thought it was shittier than this.

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