Nick Saban really irritates me

Well Nick Saban has finally pissed me off—so like everyone else in the media I’m now going to vent.

Just who does he think he is anyway? Usually during the summer I don’t have to watch recruiting—I can ignore it. But now, everyday I have to keep up with it. Saban makes me think about it every month of the year. And that really irritates me. What a jerk!

Seriously, Saban has worked hard to keep Alabama’s name on the mind of every important recruit possible. I feel relieved UA now has a coach who takes the job seriously and works hard to accomplish his goals. On the recruiting trail, fans can have confidence the coaching staff will harvest great talent.

I guess that makes reading recruiting reports worth it. Maybe.

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The weekly Crimson & White Roundtable is up. This week’s host is the Bama Nation. The roundtable’s questions this week were:

1. Where will Alabama be ranked at the end of this recruiting class?  What players does Bama need to sign to have a top 5 class?

2. Which conference is the second best in the nation and why?

Head over to the roundtable host and see what everyone is saying and join into the discussion.