Academic integrity? The NCAA? What a joke!

We’ve always known the NCAA was hypocritical. And the Oklahoma punishment just proved it again.

But the biggest hypocritical act was reported in Thursday’s Press-Register: the NCAA Clearinghouse approved Ryan Williams transcript.

You know, the guy who had 10 grades changed.

I’m sorry. But if his grades are as good as Tommy Tuberville said: “He doesn’t have any problems academically. You can tell by how he handles himself, he’s a smart young guy.”

Then why in the Hell were his grades changed? And 10. TEN of them at that?

And the Mobile School System’s investigation appears to make the Keystone Cops or even Alice Martin look competent.

According to the Press-Register: Mobile County Public Schools Superintendent Harold Dodge has said that investigators have been unable to determine who changed the grades, and may never know.

How about that for conducting a real investigation? Just predestine the outcome you want and presto: Auburn, the player, the school system—everyone involved—gets what they want.

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