Must Read Hoover Analysis

Eight In The Box has an excellent analysis of Hunter Ford’s Monday appearance on the Paul Finebaum radio show. He softened his analysis a bit, but there is a palapable sense of frustration over the manner in which the story has unfolded.

Another good read is over at Alabama Gameday. Here the blog takes a negative view of the media’s reaction to the story. One of the main points is media types like Rick Karle are upset at having been scooped. I don’t think that is accurate. Like Karle said, this was well-known for a long time. I don’t live in Hoover, and I heard it many months ago (perhaps even a couple of years ago.) I think the media’s reaction to this personal scandal is to ask what are the motivations of the people pushing the story. Plus a media outlet, must ask itself, if destroying someone’s good name is worth publishing the story.

I’ll offer a quick thought on the Ford situation. Ford said he was fired because he appeared on the Finebaum show after his publisher told him not to do so. That really changes the complexity of the situation. By his own admission, Ford was not fired for following the Propst story, he was fired for not taking to heart his publisher’s professional advice.

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