1st Scrimmage reports; Cowherd update

JIMMY JOHNS HELD OUT OF PRACTICE FOR ACADEMIC REASONS. With a few simple words, you can see Nick Saban is in charge and the inmates are no longer running the asylum.

Take as an example this quote: “If he does what he is supposed to do, both yesterday and today, and again on Monday, we will see if we end up letting him back on the field,” Saban said.

What can you say about spring football? It is a time when mistakes are made and hopefully corrected. Saban said in his press conference after the game the team made too many penalties, but it was a good starting point.

Fortunately, these problems are being worked on now, instead of during the regular season (as in past regimes.)


A scrimmage is just a scrimmage. There are always players who look great in practice, but are duds in game situations (and vice versa.) With a new offense and defense in process, it remains too early to judge who will or will not step up in the Fall.

The Big Lead Blog was attacked on Thursday and remained down late Friday. MORE:BLOGGERS RESPOND TO COWHERD’S ATTACK.

Cowherd is a jerk. Or perhaps the guys at Roll Bama Roll said it better.

Cowherd has brought disgrace to ESPN (something almost unfathomable considering the unethical machinations of that corrupt network.) When you think these guys can’t sink any lower, they surprise you.

If you have time for a little light reading this weekend, you can delve into the big story from earlier this week regarding Houston Nutt and his phone records. Journalism Is For Rockstars does an impressive job sorting out the Nutt scandal. And like I said, if you have some time, then it is worth checking out: it proves just how unpopular Nutt has become in Arkansas. And what’s worse, the fan base seems willing to turn over control of the program because some freshmen and a high school coach thought they weren’t treated fairly. Talk about an out-of-control fanbase with unrealistic expectations, this is it.