Tide lands legacy safety

Grandson of Billy Neighbors, Wesley Neighbors committed to Alabama over April 2. Neigbors of Huntsville is a safety and comes in at 6’1″ 190lbs. He posted 95 tackles and four interceptions during his junior season. Neigbors was sought by several schools including offers from Ga. Tech and Vandy.


Alabama’s Offense
Alabama’s offensive gumbo should include multiple personnel grorups and multiple looks. The Huntsville Times indicates not to expect a complete spread package all the time. I think that is good advice, especially when you look at Alabama’s talent and the need to run the ball effectively between the tackles in the SEC.

Paul Finebaum has a great column today examining the hypocrisy on the part of the NCAA and its president Miles Brand. Take this great line:On a scale of the biggest frauds in the history of intercollegiate athletics, this charlatan could retire the trophy.

That is classic Finebaum. But it gets even better. The column is a must read.

Speaking of Finebaum, his radio show sidekick contest had its best day so far. With two women: Phyllis of Mulga and Megan, the show didn’t stutter or bog down. That is the first time in the entire contest you could listen to the whole first couple of hours without turning off the radio. I hope Finebaum realizes something important. People listen to him for his comments. While he says his show is caller driven, it isn’t the opinions of callers or sidekicks for which people tune in—people want to hear Finebaum’s thoughts. Granted, he has to fill four hours so having callers and perhaps even a sidekick would make it easier; however, every time some callers are on or a vacuous sidekick speaks it makes me want to turn off the radio. And the truth is Vickers was the same type of poison. Sidekicks exist on the Finebaum show to say stupid things and then get rebuked by the master. And if that is the real criteria, then Finebaum should just bring back Bob Lochamie (or however you spell his name!)