Nick Saban press conference feed

TUSCALOOSA—”We are not where we need to be, but we are getting better,” Alabama head football coach Nick Saban said at a Thursday afternoon press conference. Saban said the off-season workouts were helping players, but many more lessons and improvements are needed.

Saban spoke extensively about the process of getting better; he spent a great deal of time on the importance of mental issues to making the players better—helping players make the right choices and finish plays.

Spring practice will be a continuation of working on the intangibles.

Discipline is critical, Saban said. As always, he stayed away from the dreaded “evaluations.”

“This is an on-going process,” Saban said. “It is a work in progress. We will have changes in starters from the first game to the second game from the fifth game to the seventh game.”

However, he did admit the defensive front 7 could be in need this season. He cited limited numbers, limited size and limited experience as challenges.