Coonass threatens formal complaint

Warren A. Perrin, the guy who was demolished during an interview on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, threatened a formal FCC complaint if Paul Finebaum continues to use the term “Coonass” on the radio show. In a formal letter dated Feb. 28 and available on the Paul Finebaum website, Perrin demands the radio host cease using the term: Please consider this a formal request to the Finebaum Network to advise us within the next seven (7) days whether your host will voluntarily agree not to use the epithet “coonass” during broadcasts. Otherwise, should you refuse or fail to respond, we will file an appropriate formal protest with the FCC which is being sent a copy of this amicable request.”

Can anyone doubt the apocalypse is nigh? When people have full time jobs to get offended and send letters of protest over nonsense like this, is there any hope for America?