UA’s silence is deafening; other Alabama news

Our offer remains open to any UA official who would be willing to defend its lawsuit against Daniel Moore. You can send us a statement via email to: We’ll post the entire statement unedited. You can read about the University’s foolish lawsuit here.

Ronald Steele will likely miss the Ole Miss game. That’s not good news for Alabama’s post season chances; however, this team hasn’t deserved a post season really since the first Auburn loss (or possibly even the first SEC road loss at Arkansas.)

Ray Melick says in this morning’s Birmingham News, that Alabama still has a chance to make the NCAA tournament. Of course, it requires a very strong SEC tournament run. However, Melick also identifies the real problem facing this year’s Alabama team: But judging by its on-court efforts, this Alabama team doesn’t seem very interested in dancing.

It is easy for fans to be irate over Alabama’s basketball performance. Much of the responsibility rests with Gottfried; however, Gottfried MUST get his teams to improve—he must live up to expectations. The best way to salvage this season and make a statement for the future would be taking the SEC tournament crown. Is this team up to the challenge?

In sick news for a former star, a former Alabama and CFL football player was sentenced to 5-and-a-half years for exposing two women to HIV. Trevis Smith was a linebacker who was found guilty of two counts of aggrevated sexual assualt last month, according to the International Herald Tribune.